Monday, September 3, 2007


Love it or hate it - here is who I am:

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Now that you know the ugly truth... will you still love me?


Kat said...

You came up with some sites even I never knew existed. The Myers-Briggs types are interesting, to be sure. I even think they are pretty much true. However, they mainly measure our "natural" inclinations.

In real life,God doesn't always allow us our natural inclinations. I used to think if I had my type figured out, all the pieces would fall into place. But God often places us in situations that we would never choose for ourselves. If your entire life had been INTP compatible, where would have been your Cross? As we say in my family, "God helps those who cannot help themselves."

BTW, we aren't so far apart. I'm an INFP with a strong T. :)

Anonymous said...

The INTP nailed you, man.
Psychology is a wonderful tool to help us to see how to help people and to properly interpret what a person is trying to say. It is the key to much clearer understanding and harmoniuos living, to actually practice the necessary patience demanded when truly loving someone the way they are best loved, in light of their strengths and frailties.
It is priceless in the "helping' professions. People can now know themselves better. It is a great gift to know yourself. But, It is a special privelage to know another, a frail and fantastic mystery, and to enable you to serve them better in love.(and not just a Christmas time).
Aside from this, I hope to see you in the "Holiday Season'.
Write me an e-mail and let me know what's up. williamcanatsey@yahoo
Your Bro' in Christ,(and comic book madness),

Anonymous said...

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